The Waterville Estates Village District (District), is seeking an experienced, municipal administrator to serve as its next Village District General Manager. The District is located in the beautiful White Mountains region of NH set among the State’s three largest ski mountains, yet easily accessible 120 miles north of Boston on I-93.

Although well known for winter sports, the area offers exceptional year-round outdoor recreational opportunities.

The Waterville Estates Village District is a governmental organization organized under NH law (RSA53) within parts of the Towns of Thornton NH and Campton NH with taxing authority for the purposes of providing drinking water, roads and recreational services to the owners of properties within the District. The District operates a ski area, two restaurants with bars, an event hall, and four swimming pools. The District is governed by NH State Statutes. The governing body consists of three Commissioners elected to 3-year terms at an annual district meeting. This annual meeting also approves the budget and takes other actions as authorized by statute. The owners of all the properties within the District are also members of the Waterville Estates Association (Association), a homeowner’s association. There is close cooperation between these two. The Association pays user fees into the revolving recreation fund and by mutual agreement has been given authority to approve of all recreational activities, admission policy, etc. that are provided through that revolving recreation fund. The District employs and manages the staff and pays the expenses to provide those recreational services. It is then reimbursed from the revolving recreation fund. The District also provides for and is reimbursed for administrative services for the Association. The District property taxes maintain all buildings, recreational facilities, water system, and roads. The Village District Manager works under the direct authority of the District Commissioners in overseeing all of these. The operating budget is $1.4 million. The revolving fund budget is an additional $600,000. The Association administrative services is approximately

$170,000. There are 11 full time employees and 30 part-time/seasonal employees.

The successful candidate should have a degree in Public Administration or Business Management and experience as a public manager/administrator or equivalent combination of education and experience. Strong interpersonal, communication and finance skills are required. Salary range of $80,000 to $90,000; starting salary commensurate with qualifications.

Interested parties should send cover letter and resume, in confidence, as a PDF attachment to:

[email protected].

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Deadline: Monday, February 21st, 2022, at 10 AM

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Waterville Estates Village District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.