Employee sought by Waterville Estates Village District

Minute taker: Can be remote or in person, part-time or contract.  The Board of Commissioners of the Waterville Estates Village District, Campton, NH meet biweekly in-person but also on recorded Zoom for an average length of 2-3 hours.  Ideal candidate will be experienced in minute taking to produce public session minutes within 5 business days.  Ideal candidate will be a fast typist who is accurate and able to exercise judgment regarding summarizing discussions while getting motions verbatim.   Position will not include doing nonpublic minutes.

Minutes must at a minimum comply with RSA 91-A:2 ii including “Minutes of all such meetings, including nonpublic sessions, shall include the names of members, persons appearing before the public bodies, and a brief description of the subject matter discussed and final decisions. The names of the members who made or seconded each motion shall be recorded in the minutes.”

$20/hour part time or negotiable contract rate.

Respond to:
John Scruton, Interim General Manager
Waterville Estates Village District
562 Winterbrook Road, Campton, NH 03223
(603) 970-1699 | [email protected]

Include samples of minutes and references.  Review of responses to begin December 1, 2021