Waterville Estates Village District Mission Statement

WEVD commission is dedicated to: meeting goals and objectives to improving the market value of the land, condominium and/or home ownership of all of it's owners through comprehensive financial management, and to political policies and community standards consistent with the same, with a commitment to fair and proportional cost sharing.

When you buy a property at Waterville Estates your investment includes ownership of millions of dollars worth of communal property.


  • Waterville Estates is a non-profit municipality. As a member of the Waterville Estates community, many ownership expenses for facilities and amenities are built into your taxes. 
  • Due to diligent and solid cost management policies, the majority of Waterville Estates amenities are debt-free. 
  • 20-year homeowners’ costs of ownership have risen by less than the rate of inflation including all dues and taxes!


  • Waterville Estates designed its facilities policies to benefit our variety of owners. These policies accommodate full-time and part-time residents, vacationers, and owners who choose to rent their homes.
  • Location, Location, Location…this still remains the bottom line standard of value for real estate. Twenty miles from three of the largest ski mountains in New Hampshire and only 120 miles from Boston. Waterville Estates is the most accessible mountain community in NH.
  • Services, Services, Services…they are quickly becoming an extremely important aspect of real estate values in the region. The value and services ratio at Waterville Estates is unmatched.
  • The profits generated by our restaurants, bars, ski area, and events are income that is used to offset taxes and dues.
Experience the peace of mind that comes with owning in a community that is managed well and thriving.
Waterville Estates Resident