Renting your property at Waterville Estates can be a feasible approach to deferring ownership costs.  Conversely, without proper paperwork and deposits, owners can find themselves financially accountable for renter conduct without recourse with those renters.

Owners should be sure that renters have a thorough understanding of

  • pass privileges (spelled out in the official pass policy)
  • their obligations to abide by our facilities usage policies
  • general conduct rules (outlined on the back of your passes).

Certain violations of rules will result in the revocation of pass privileges and/or the need for reimbursement for vandalism.  Contractually it is the Owners themselves, and not the renters, who are accountable.  We highly recommend that any rental agreement, includes a commitment to abide by WE policies in addition to a payment of a performance deposit.  This clause will allow owners to hold renters accountable when we hold owners accountable for the renters’ conduct.  If a renter’s conduct results in the revocation of passes, it could cost up to $120 per pass for new passes.

Here are a few tips we hope will help you with your rental experience:

*Post opening and closing procedures for your home or condo

*Post important contact information (PD, FD, Recreation Center, maintenance   help, etc.)

*Provide them with a map of Waterville Estates, including where they are staying.

*Post dump hours and location if your renters are responsible for their own garbage removal.   We often stop renters from filling the dumpsters at the center.

*Have our hours and rules clearly posted.

Attached passes to lanyard or similar object to dissuade the passes going home with renters in their hip pocket.  We see this a lot.

This is just a short list, but we hope it helps.  It you have any questions or need further clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click the Renters Guide  to view a list of contacts and helpful links!

Thank you!