Waterville Estates Village District

The Village District is the municipal arm of Waterville Estates, funded through the precinct taxes that are billed twice a year with the town property taxes. The District owns the Community Center and has financial responsibility for the infrastructure of Waterville Estates including the water system, many of the secondary roads and upkeep of the community center. The District is governed by 3 elected Commissioners, who present an annual budget that is voted on by the residents of the District. The Village District is governed by NH State Statutes.

Governance & Finances:

The Waterville Estates Village District (WEVD) is an overlay of parts of the Towns of Thornton and Campton that was organized, under NH law (RSA 53), as a taxing authority, for the purposes of providing water, road and recreational services to the Village District owners. All owners within the District are taxed for these services, by vote of full time registered voters (residents), who vote on budgets annually recommended by the Commissioners. The Commissioners are elected to three year terms, also by the full time residents of the Village District. The taxes maintain all buildings, facilities, water system, roads, basic amenities and recreational services of the Village District. The budget that these residents vote on drives the District tax rate. Nonresident owners do not have a vote in the WEVD.

Both the WEVD and WEA are collectively managed by a General Manager hired by the Village District Commissioners.

For more information about the Village District, please visit www.waterville-estatesnh.gov