After nearly 2 and a half years of planning, voting and re, re-voting(yes, with the two re’s!) to pass a locker room budget, many many months of working on design, materials and trying to find people to get the job done during COVID times, we have some good news for the community members!

 Our locker room update is almost complete and they will be ready for reopening in the month of August!

We thought about sending some pictures, but really don’t want to ruin the surprise! Check out for yourselves the new locker rooms! We will send out an opening date and have an ice cream social to kickoff the grand opening!

 A huge thank you to Jaime Oldmixon, community volunteer. This project completion would not have been possible nor the end result so amazing without his help. Please make sure to thank him if you run into him.

 Thank you to Corey, our GM. It would have cost us more and completion delayed by at least another 10-12 weeks, if not for his help.

 Thanks to Sean who did a fabulous job.

 Thanks to Patti Lindblom, Judy and all the Waterville staff for their help.

 Thanks to all the locker room committee members,

Andrea Canfield, community volunteer for her valuable input, Mark O Hara, board member for the architectural floor plans and Gerry Panuczack commissioner, representing the WVD. 

 I will leave a folder with the total cost of the project and detailed expenses at the front desk for those who want to  review and also for future reference in case something needs to be replaced.

 I hope the community will like the end result and will enjoy this amenity for years to come. We are definitely pleased with how it all turned out.

Thank you all for your patience and support. 

Madhu on behalf of the WEA board