Statement from the WEA Board of Directors

For more than 50 years, Waterville Estates has been a thriving community for families to relax, vacation
and build lasting memories. Over the past few years, our country and community has seen great
challenges due to the pandemic. Although the road ahead is uncertain and will potentially have many
unforeseen obstacles, this board is committed to making your experience at Waterville Estates better
than ever. We will be focused on enhancing your family and community experience. We are excited to
bring back long-time family and adult events to the community.
This Board will be focused on being creative. We will be innovative and progressive in implementing
new ideas and approaches.
To that end, the BOD is enacting several significant enhancements for 2022. We are very excited to
announce that WEA has engaged with the nation’s premier HOA management and consulting company,
Evergreen Management Group. Evergreen and its affiliate companies work with more than 10,000
communities across the nation including HOA’s, resort/leisure communities, municipal utility districts,
and commercial developments. Evergreen’s initial mandate is to work with the BOD manage the
business aspects of the HOA. With this transition, WEA expects to realize $80,000 in reduced annual
operating expenses. You will soon be receiving communication from Evergreen regarding their role and
outlining the benefits and features of their services and technology.
We are also introducing enhanced Owner Pass, Owner Guest Pass, and Summit lounge access policies.
We have increased the adult Owner Passes to 6 per household instead of 4. These passes must be
designated to an adult family member only. See attached for details. Owners will be provided unlimited
Youth Owner Passes for children 17 and under.
For those who have unaccompanied third-party guests using the Community Center, owners will have to
purchase at least one yearly “Owner Guest Pass” for $500 each for access to the Community Center.
The pass will admit one person. However, that pass holder will be able to purchase additional daily
passes for other people in their party.
The Summit Lounge, deck, and outside bar will be open to the public after 6pm. non-pass holders will be
able to have access to the Summit Lounge to enjoy dinner and refreshments. Guests will not need to
purchase a daily pass after 6pm to access the lounge and deck. However, these non-pass patrons will
not have access to any other parts of the community center including the pool and gym.
Below are some questions that will help clarify our new policies. Thank you for your support. We look
forward to a great 2022!!

Pass Policy Question and Answers
1. Why did the Board make these changes? The board wants to enhance and improve owners and
their families experience at Waterville Estates. These new policies permit owners to share more
of our recreational facilities with their growing families.
2. Are guest passes part of the owner passes? No. Any Owner Guest Passes must be purchased
in addition to adult owner passes.
3. How many adult passes does each household have? Your Owner Pass quantity has increased
from 4 to 6.
4. Are youth passes part of the 6 passes? No. family youth passes are in addition to the 6 adult
owner passes. They are unlimited to owners’ children and grandchildren only.
5. What is the age limit to owner youth passes? All owners’ children and grandchildren aged 17
and under can be issued an owner youth pass.
6. Can anyone just purchase a daily pass? No. To purchase additional daily passes, one of your
guests must be in possession of at least one “Owners Guest Pass”.
7. Who buys the yearly “Owners Guest Pass”? Only the owner on record can purchase a yearly
guest pass.
8. Why is the Summit Lounge now open to the public after 6pm? To generate revenue. Opening
the Summit Lounge will allow guests to purchase food and beverage after 6pm without having
to purchase a “daily pass”.
9. What happens if I issue an Adult or youth owners pass to a third party? All your passes will be
void and forfeited. Each pass to reinstate will cost $300. (6 passes = $1800)

Link below to the new pass policy:

Only picture passes are available to owners version 2 (6)